Today, it is my joy to be over at Persimmon Prints sharing a little of my thoughts about what I want to water and see grow in my life. Here is a little sneak peek of what I am sharing and you will have to read the rest over on their blog! 

Last month, I spent a day working in our garden. I knew if I wanted anything to grow, there was work to be done. The soil was hard and barren of anything beautiful.  Weeds had corroded the once flourishing garden.

It all looked so hopeless, but I dug in with my shovel, slowly turning the soil. Weeds were pulled and rocks picked out until there was a blank slate of dark dirt before my eyes. Reaching into the basket that was sitting in the grass, I pulled out a bag of little onion sets. Carefully, each set was planted with care and then sprinkled with water.
Today, I look out at my garden and see the onions growing strongly. They are doing exactly what they were made to do- grow. The weeds are regularly pulled and I water the onions on a daily basis.

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Thank you Kacie for letting me share on your lovely space today! I am such a fan of Kacie’s shop and mission Persimmon Prints. Some of my favorite clothing items are from there.

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