It is a funny mixture, summer and motherhood. You put them together and get this beautiful, chaotic picture. When I look back on my childhood summers, I have such fond memories of popsicles, swimming in Lake Michigan, bike rides, and playing outside as long as our parents would let us. Our days were carefree and filled with sunshine.

Now, as a mom of three, summer takes on a different look.  Gone are the days of tanning by the pool or doing whatever I want and in replacement are hours slathering on sunscreen on wiggling children and orchestrating bug hunts and washing bathing suits.

Some days are glorious and filled with all the things I love. There are cuddles, popsicles, swimming in the pool, and memories to be made. I end the day relaxed and joyful on the couch, thankful for the moments of pure bliss.

However, there are the other days. Read more the rest of the post about summer and motherhood over at Sarah E Frazer.  


Tips for when summer and motherhood mix

Thank you Sarah for letting me guest post today! Sarah currently has a Summer of Psalms study that is perfect for busy moms.

Have you signed up for the Thriving Summer Challenge yet? If you are wanting to do some fun summer activities but are overwhelmed by all of the options, this is the challenge for you! Sign up and receive an email every Sunday containing 5 activities, a supply list, and some practical encouragement for your week! Last summer I focused on doing one fun activity a day and it made our summer so fun and relaxed!

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