Today, I have a special treat as my friend, Sarah, will be sharing reasons why to read your Bible. As she shares some of her story, I instantly connected with remembering the why. 

Friend. Let me tell you about who I used to be, and how marriage, motherhood, and ministry has changed me when it comes to my “quiet time.”

I remember a special time in college when I would get up an hour earlier than I needed so I could spend an hour in God’s Word. An hour. It seems almost impossible now, as a mother of five with writing, church responsibilities, and homeschooling. Laughable almost to think….but it was my life when I was in college. I felt alone a lot, but God met me there in those moments. My quiet time was not a checklist item. I craved time in His word and spent a long time reading and writing Scripture.

Suddenly, I find myself in the mundane and messiness of motherhood. I looked up one day to see my poor little heart was overwhelmed with children, a husband, and even more loneliness. God met me again in those early days as a mother. He met me when I was awake with a crying child. He watched over me as I struggled to find rhythm every two years as I had babies, adopted.

Now we settle down again this fall.

I’m a mom of five. I feel like we have a good routine – my blog and writing seems to finally have a balanced place in my life….but a few months ago I realized I would write this in my planner for the day “Devotions” – – Like I had to make sure to write it down….or I would forget. I had to make sure to write it down….so I could check it off…

SIDE NOTE: Don’t tell me I’m the only one who writes things on your to-do list just so you can check them off….

Either way, devotions had suddenly become something I had to do, instead of something I wanted to do, or was privileged to do.

I took a step back. I prayed and sought reasons for my apathy. And I realized I had lost sight of WHY I read God’s Word. So I made a list….and found Four Reasons to Read Your Bible. I’d love to share them with you…..

God’s Presence.  

It was subtle and I didn’t realize it until I woke up one day and felt very far from God. I had been reading my Bible, writing in my prayer journal, but somehow my spirit got lost. God’s presence was in His Word, and when I read it in the morning, I found I would forget it by 10AM…..So I began to just spend a few moments each morning not reading, not praying, just being in His presence. Quiet. Dwelling on who He is.

God’s Power.

The days strung together and the post-adoption feelings hid the fact that I was spent (physically) because I wasn’t tapping into God’s power. I found myself tired and irritable. Drained of strength, I would look for God, but nothing felt real or powerful….So I began seeing His power as examples in the words I was reading and found He had strength for me too, each day.

God’s Protection.

In 2017 I’ve decided to read the book of Psalms for the entire year. Over and over again the psalmist speaks about God being our shield. And when I’ve lost sight of God during my day, I get anxious and worry more – forgetting God is my protector….So when anxiety struck me during the day, I would picture God on His throne, shielding me from the real dangers and always watching and caring for me.

God’s Patience.

Everyday for the past two months I’ve been praying for patience. People say to not pray for patience, but I’ve been convicted of my lack of patience with my children……So I decided to pray for it – daily. And God showed me: I don’t have the patience to keep calm when chaos ensues. I don’t, but He does. So when I am dwelling on His Word in the hard moments, I can tap into HIS patience.

Four Reasons Why to Read Your Bible- How to Read Your Bible

So friend, let me encourage you – if Bible reading has become a to-do checklist item, let go of perfection. Let go of trying to do it “right.” Let the Word soak into your heart and don’t just read it with your mind.

Dwell. Abide. Rest.

Maybe you don’t know where to start? I would love to encourage you. It isn’t hard or complicated. There are lots of tutorials and methods. If you are overwhelmed with all of the options, you can check out my brand new workbook, Four Ways to Study the Bible! I make it easy, simple, and deep to study God’s Word.

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Four Reasons Why to Read Your Bible- How to Read Your Bible

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. John 15:4 (KJV)

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